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We are nestled in a secluded nook in the foothills of the beautiful Santa Monica mountains, only a few short miles from Malibu’s sandy beaches, yet seemingly a million miles from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Los Angeles.

As our driver takes you up through a small, winding glen dotted with clusters of coastal oak and solitary ranch homes, if you listen very carefully you will hear a gentle stream’s soft serenade coming from below.

And as you arrive at the main building and pause at the front door, a wonderfully comforting presence invites you to enter and stay a while.

You have arrived. Your weeklong retreat dedicated to health, fitness and renewal has begun. Get ready for the time of your life. Welcome to The Ashram!

"Only in L.A., the spiritual home to something called 'life enhancement' and 'wellness', would they invent a boot camp for the movie stars.… Ashram alumni include Oprah Winfrey, Dan Aykroyd, Shirley MacLaine, Jane Fonda, Faye Dunaway, Ashley Judd, and Amber Valleta."—Vogue

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